Salt Lake City, Utah DUI Legal Fees And Payment Plans
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DUI Attorney Fees And Payment Plans Salt Lake City, Utah

As with all things in life, you get what you pay for when hiring a defense attorney to fight your driving under the influence (DUI) charges. Unfortunately, selecting the wrong attorney or deciding to just enter a guilty plea for drunk driving will result in a number of financial, emotional, personal and professional consequences that can come back to haunt you long into the future. At this time, it's important to invest in a qualified Salt Lake City attorney who is focused on DUI defense and prepared to aggressively fight your charges.

Attorney Fees

DUI defense fees can vary from lawyer to lawyer. While some attorneys offer rock-bottom rates, clients may face a trade-off in terms of personal attention and experience. In fact, some attorneys may charge you to negotiate a plea deal that requires pleading guilty to DUI in order to receive a reduced sentence. For this reason, it's wiser to look for an attorney who knows how to defend DUI cases than one with the cheapest fees.

Our attorney fees are reasonable and in line with our training, credentials and experience. We don't believe in encouraging our clients to plead guilty to drunk driving, and will explore all of the options available to keep a DUI off of your record. In addition, we offer flat fees for our services, which means you know how much your representation will cost upfront, instead of being surprised by your bill down the road.

Payment Plans

DUIs can happen unexpectedly—that's why our firm offers payment plans to individuals who are unable to pay for the cost of representation at one time. We have a number of payment plan options to choose from, so please ask us for more information if you're concerned about legal costs. We believe every person has the right to qualified counsel, and will do everything we can to help at this stressful time.

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In addition to offering reasonable flat fees and payment plans, we provide free initial consultations to those who have been charged with DUI. But it's important to act quickly, as you only have 10 days in Salt Lake City to appeal your license suspension before your driving privileges are automatically taken away.