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DUI Third Offense Salt Lake City, Utah

The penalties for driving under the influence (DUI) in Utah are based on how many prior drunk-driving convictions you have had in the past 10 years. If you are currently facing your third offense within this timeframe, it's important that you immediately contact a qualified DUI attorney to begin preparing your defense as well as your administrative license suspension appeal. The punishment for a third DUI is much more severe than for the previous offenses, so you shouldn't leave your fate in the court's hands by pleading guilty.

Third DUI Offense Punishment

While you may have the option of serving your sentence in home confinement or a work service program for a first or second DUI conviction, these alternatives are taken away for a third offense—instead, you will serve jail time. In fact, the mandatory minimum incarceration sentence is 1,500 hours, thought you may be sentenced to far more depending on your specific situation. The fines for a third DUI conviction start at $1,500 and may go up from there.

The judge may again sentence you to supervised probation, which means that you must adhere to the court's guidelines or face additional penalties. And, if he or she believes that alcohol problems are to blame for your repeat offense, the judge can also require that you complete substance abuse education and/or treatment—the cost of which will come out of your own bank account.

The license penalties associated with a third offense include a two-year suspension (three years if you refused the breathalyzer test) and the installation of an ignition interlock device upon your license reinstatement. This device is similar to a breathalyzer test, and will measure your blood alcohol content (BAC) every time you start your vehicle. If your BAC is above a predetermined limit (typically .02%), not only will the vehicle not start but your infraction will be reported to the court. You will also be required to pay all of the expenses associated with the ignition interlock device, including installation, rental, and maintenance.

Fighting Your Third Offense Is Possible

Fighting any drunk-driving offense simply requires investigation and thorough preparation. Our attorneys have completed a number of intensive training programs, giving them the experience and knowledge necessary to challenge your charges. Rather than let you plead guilty to your DUI, we will explore all of the options available to reduce the impact a drunk-driving charge has on your life.